Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nanogenre words and names

We are getting close to sharing a demonstration of our technology, and will put it up on www.nanocrowd.com soon.

In addition to a ton of work, a couple things have changed since the post last year. Most important, we have taken the editors completely out of the loop by not even naming nanogenres (our little tiny movie genres). Now, instead of oh-so-clever names like "prisoners and redemption", we simply display the 3 words from the commentary that best define the nanogenre.

For example:


are three words we found in comments about Notting Hill that defined one of its nanogenres, and:


is an example of one of the horror nanogenres. Now when you come to our site, instead of seeing a cute name for nanogenres, you will see the 3 words themselves. When you click on them, we will show you other movies that are not only similar to the movie you like, but also that viewers described with those same words.

Originally, we thought it would be fun to rename these, but it broke our general model of not having editors reshape things (and it turned out to be a lot of work). Although not all of the words are quite so descriptive, now we are pure again -- the site includes only words and analysis of words from user commentary!

posted by Roderic March

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